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Installation views " Raptures of the deep", Roberts & Tilton gallery, Los Angeles , 2009

exhibition 2009 exhibition 2009

Installation view " La chasse au cygne! La chasse aux signes!", ASPN, Leipzig , 2008

exhibition 2008

Installation view "against nature", Luis adelantado gallery, Valencia, 2008


Installation view "Ohrwurm", Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam, 2007


On the walls of the three rooms of the gallery, a display of colours reinterpreting the colour theory for wall painting at the Bauhaus. Grey is the undertone. The different variations of the colour reflect and interact with the athmosphere and tensions of the paintings, with leftover of past architectural styles and decaying interiors, the passage from one colour to another meant to influence the way the viewer feels. The colours play here the role of restoring the harmony and balance that have been destroyed.

The mirror sends back to the viewer his own image, giving him/her the illusion to enter a sequence, giving a glimpse through an half-open door, as if the actual space of the gallery was once in a while colliding with the spaces represented in the paintings, mirroring the wandering viewer and the anonymous figure occupying the pictoral space.


Installation view Tilton Gallery, New York, 2007


Installation view "October Lands", Roberts & Tilton Gallery, Los Angeles, 2005


Installation view "Down in the valley below" Annet Gelink Gallery, 2005